Supportive White Parents @ 7pm Fridays at Second City Hollywood (extended through 4/24)

Access Acting Academy Industry Showcase @ 7pm Friday, February 7 (performing a comedic scene and a Shakespeare monologue from Henry IV)

What Rhymes With Orange? @ 1pm Sundays at Second City Hollywood -- going in as Prince/King's Messenger (Sundays 2/23, 3/1, and 3/8).

My Big Fat Greek Improv Pack Pitch @ 11:30pm Thursday, 3/12/19 at The Pack Theater

Portraying the role of Ram's Dad/Big Bud Dean/Coach in Heathers: The Musical with The Artful Rose Theatre, March 6-15, 2020, Fri-Sat evenings and Sun afternoons.

Portraying the role of Joe in Merrily We Roll Along with The Artful Rose Theatre, June 5-14, 2020, Fri-Sat evenings and Sun afternoons.

Fringe 2020: Blind-ish.  A musical based on my life growing up with Coats' Disease to premiere at Fringe 2020.

Out Now: Guest on the podcast Take Me Out to the Movies.

2019: This Day in History! (musical improv)

2019: The Januarys (twoprov)

2019: My Big Fat Greek Improv: LA's ONLY All-Greek Improv Troupe!

2019: Laser Tag Team: LA's ONLY Non-Commitment Improv Mash-Up Team!