Vaudeville Inn (Director)

A Jingle A Go-Go: The Musical


Synopsis: Emma, a businesswoman, is stuck at Vaudeville Inn bed and breakfast after flight was cancelled. The manager, Oscar, has some tricks up his sleeve.

                                         Festivals & Awards:

-Selected for Screening: Gangrene Film Festival, Provo, UT, Aug. 2014

In this gay musical comedy romp, jingle writer Robert experiences writer’s block for a lipstick product, and with a small cry for help, he is magically and mysteriously thrown into a world full of glitter and fairy dust, a topsy-turvy world full of passionate drag queens with larger than life attitudes that come armed with lipstick—ready to write a jingle for Luscious Lips, help Robert out, and rule the world—and all without breaking a sweat…or a nail.

                                            Festivals & Awards:

-Selected for Screening: Fort Myers Beach Film Festival, April 2015

-Selected for Screening: Rock 'n' Roll Festival (Roffeke), Kenya

-Official Selection: Chicago Int'l Arthouse Blow-Up Festival, 2016

-Referenced in "Wiley," a 2015 documentary

-Turned into a live musical for Hollywood Fringe 2018

How to Get Over a Breakup:

Lemonade Edition (Director)

Welcome to the Crib (Writer/Director/Actor)

Selected for Screening: Flam Fest, September 2016.  Theme: Alternate Realities

Filmed at Youtube Space: 43k+ views

Too Real (Director)

A group of LARPERs get more than they bargained for when worlds collide and real wizards turn an innocent game into something more extreme.