Hi, I'm Spencer.  I'm an actor, improviser, board-certified music therapist, theme park enthusiast, and word nerd based in Los Angeles, straight outta Florida and a graduate of iO West, The Second City Hollywood, and ComedySportz LA.

I live my life like the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding daily as a goofy Greek-American, but that's not all.  I'm also a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC) and am conversational in American Sign Language.  Oh, and I am a good speller--so much that I won my 5th grade spelling bee and received 2nd place and Most Spirited in a college spelling bee with the Black Student Union at Florida State. 


And to top it off, I think I'm the only living human who can say he has been hit in the eye with a baseball, is a board-cetified music therapist, finds the art of tattoos fascinating, even though he never wants one, and is the biggest theme park enthusiast who lives vicariously through theme park design, Youtube ride POV's, and random trivia facts about amusements.

Recent Updates:

-Using one of my UCB diversity credits to take Character 101 online during quarantine!